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When fiber, filler and additives are retained in the sheet with nanoparticle technology, they reduce the environmental costs associated with wastewater treatment and landfill of ash-laden waste.
Resetting your copier and printer functions to save paper is an excellent way to reduce usage.
According to Frank McKulka, president, NAFTA II Region, BASF Automotive (Southfield, MI), "This process reduces coating consumption by 20%, eliminates one step in the process, and reduces the energy necessary to cure the Finish.
An independent survey last month found that 81 percent of the people who were contacted favor requiring all automakers to further reduce emissions and greenhouse gases from their vehicles.
Gary Goldberg, CEO of the American Corn Growers Foundation, an offshoot of the 14,000-member American Corn Growers Association, adds that many farmers apply the same amount of nitrogen each year, and that regular soil tests to determine how much fertilizer is actually needed could save money and reduce runoff at the same time.
Substituted para - phenylenediamine antiozonants - direct oxidation reduces their efficiency.
The agencies have also agreed to heighten emphasis in examinations on risks to the institution and on issues involving fair lending, as well as to reduce regulatory uncertainty by eliminating ambiguous language in regulations and interpretations--and delays in publishing regulations and interpretations.
Under the new law, construction and major renovation projects that cost $12 million or more must reduce energy use by 20% beyond what is required under the State Energy Code, and non-school construction projects costing $30 million or more must reduce energy use by 25%.
Finally, special labeling can be included on the packaging or the clothing itself to reduce confusion and greatly simplify installation.
108(b) requires taxpayers to reduce their tax attributes to the extent of the excluded COD income.
The new method also gives us the technical capacity to eventually reduce the risk of odors in the area around the foundry.