reduce expenses

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Summary: First Ore-Mining Company (a subsidiary of Rosatom) has proposed that Rosneft cooperate in creating infrastructure on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic, stating that this might make it possible to reduce expenses, according to Kommersant.
Highly attractive lease renewal options will further reduce expenses starting in 2016.
67 billion), as the company cut 3,000 sales positions in the last two years to help reduce expenses.
Ultimately, variable annuity programs may be forced to reduce expenses to be competitive with competing products, as increased capital and investment return targets are required to support the additional risk characteristics of the business, the study said.
Another way to increase income is to reduce expenses so that you can retire in style.
RBMG is developing a program to use EagleCert in place of traditional property valuations, a move it expects will accelerate loan execution and reduce expenses.
MSC is also using a financial data mart tool that gives program managers visibility into costs and revenue, information that is helpful in determining where to reduce expenses and improve ship operations.
Simplifying your business life will help you reduce expenses and tax, and allow you to enjoy the time and money you save.
Members will coordinate and develop programs and services, reduce expenses through volume purchasing, and provide a continuum of care.
Wrap all of this into an automated case-management tool that tracks case activity, triggers specific actions, communicates case status, and escalates decisions, and it's easy to see the new business process has terrific potential to accelerate processing and reduce expenses.