reduce forces

See: disarm
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But the Greek government does not hold such an expectation, as evidenced by its apparent willingness to reduce forces without expecting a reciprocal gesture.
He will be focusing on how to reduce forces on the feet.
Benefits include vibration dampening characteristics that reduce forces on the machine chassis, resulting in less wear and tear on shuttle car components, reduced material loss, and less rutting in roadways.
Mike Holmes, who reviews force planning for the Air Force, describes the basic impasse this way: "If you reduce our budget but don't allow us to reduce forces or reduce deployment around the world, how do you do that?
US president Barack Obama initially wanted to reduce forces by July next year, but that looks set to be delayed to allow the 30,000 extra troops which he deployed to have their effect.
Crater wear may reduce forces by effectively increasing the rake angle of the tool.
UK officials are also considering increasing British troops in Afghanistan this year, in line with British plans to reduce forces in Iraq from current levels of 7,100 soldiers to about 4,500.
The decision to reduce forces took into account improving security and low infiltration of ''terrorists'' from Pakistan as winter sets in.
Warwickshire Police have hit out at proposals by the Home Secretary to reduce forces around the country -which could consign them to the history books.
Cooperative efforts to foster peace, reduce forces, and safeguard materials do not pose a danger to other nations and need not be codified by treaties to ensure a stable world order.
This shortfall translates into a need to reduce forces and personnel by between 25 percent and 50 percent of the current levels.
Robin Cook accused him of a "cynical gambit" in his offer to reduce forces in the province.