reduce tension

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This support will certainly contribute to boost investment, reduce tension and anchor the democratic process in Tunisia," he stressed.
The statement by the Foreign Office came days after Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif proposed a four-point initiative to reduce tension and resolve disputes between neighboring India and Pakistan at UNGA.
Since the beginning of dialogue, the two parties agreed to keep aside the issues of weapons and the Special Tribunal, in order to reduce tension and find common grounds that could lead to the election of a president," Jarrah added.
Police Service of Northern Ireland Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton said: "As disturbances are continuing, I would call upon people of influence in communities and those in political leadership to do all possible to reduce tension.
Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Beijing on Saturday for talks with top Chinese leaders on how to reduce tension on the Korean Peninsula, Xinhua News Agency reported.
It is very important to reduce tension level in border territories.
Summary: The Future Movement and Al-Jamaa al-Islamiyya called on Sheikh Ahmad Assir to allow the road currently blocked by his sit-in to be reopened in order to reduce tension in the city.
In which year were the Helsinki Accords (to reduce tension between the Soviet and Western blocs) signed?
The paper reported that as part of Barzani's efforts to reduce tension, he urged all Kurdish political groups and media outlets, especially those of Talbani and Mustafa, to tone their rhetoric against each other down in order to prevent future violence between the Kurdish people.
Los Angeles Times, on the other hand, said that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia could reduce tension in the Caucasus and contribute to the role of the region as an energy corridor.
Skypanels have been said to reduce tension and headaches by providing relief from the harsh glare of traditional overhead diffuser lighting.
You may find that using a headset will reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, so I'd give that a try.