reduce the violence

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You have reaped significant benefits from your investment in gun manufacturers, but have done little to reduce the violence and murders caused by their products," wrote Senator Warren.
affirmed on Thursday that it supports any efforts that can "genuinely" de-escalate the violence in Syria but stressed it continues to have "concerns" about the Astana agreement and has "reason to be cautious," in light of the agreement announced by Russia, Turkey and Iran at the conference in Astana on an effort to reduce the violence in certain areas of Syria, where a memorandum was signed for establishing safe zones in Syria.
That is not in the spirit of the resolution that was passed by the UN Security Council in December and also not (in the spirit of) the attempt to reduce the violence," Merkel said.
It helped to reduce the violence, now school kids do not fight, do not try to sort out the relationships," he said.
Tamimi called security services to take the necessary measures to reduce the violence that claim the lives of innocent citizens.
The fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence.
The fact that we cant prevent any act of violence doesn't mean we cant steadily reduce the violence.
Successive governments have pledged to cut crime, putting more police on the street and launching high profile campaigns that have done little to reduce the violence.
Talking to the media, he said that UN Secretary General should take immediate notice to reduce the violence and hatred between worlds religions.
Now, as then, the UN is likely to take a key role in attempting to reduce the violence which has once again broken out after the 2002 independence.
led forces work to reduce the violence, Iraqis are trying to regain a sense of normalcy.