reduce the violence

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It helped to reduce the violence, now school kids do not fight, do not try to sort out the relationships," he said.
Tamimi called security services to take the necessary measures to reduce the violence that claim the lives of innocent citizens.
The fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence.
Talking to the media, he said that UN Secretary General should take immediate notice to reduce the violence and hatred between worlds religions.
Now, as then, the UN is likely to take a key role in attempting to reduce the violence which has once again broken out after the 2002 independence.
A new plan by the Small Schools Alliance would reduce the violence that plagues these schools by creating several smaller schools with 500 or fewer students in Los Angeles.
As Attorney General Janet Reno bluntly put it in 1993, if the entertainment biz didn't reduce the violence on TV - "voluntarily," of course - "government action will be imperative.
We're trying to reduce the violence in our jails,'' said Lt.
All efforts must be made to stop or reduce the violence.