reduce volume

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Tajikistan plans to increase volume of processing of raw materials inside the country and reduce volume of export of raw materials, Mr Nazriyev said during the conference in Dushanbe.
He said: "Teesside is operating below its maximum capability and is currently discussing options to reduce volume to the consortium.
They are asking us what options have we got to reduce volume.
The goal: reduce volume on the Van Wyck Expressway, the primary access route to JFK.
In triaxial compression, high stress levels squeeze molecules closer together and reduce volume only slightly.
It should be noted that volume reduction should be considered distinctly from reducing toxicity and/or mobility; some treatment processes will increase the volume of contaminated material while effectively reducing toxicity or mobility, whereas other processes may reduce volume and consequently increase the concentration of constituents which increases the toxicity and/or mobility of the contaminants.
5M and provides valuable insight on actions hospitals can take to reduce volume and costs by improving efficiencies in the document production process.
PSB may also recommend and help to find new mechanisms for implementing large projects allowing to reduce volume of budget expenditures.
Into the 50/20 DOP/SOE plasticizer ratio, two new phthalate plasticizers were introduced to reduce volume swell and weight change without greasy bloom.
CCS technology separates CO2 from a gas stream, compresses it to reduce volume, transports it by pipeline to a storage site and sequesters it in geological formations.
WRT's process cost-effectively treats raw, unsorted household garbage with pressurized steam to break up the organic biomass into cellulosic pulp, separate organic materials from recyclables like metals, plastics and glass, and reduce volume by 85 to 89%.
Oklahoma regulators have directed several oil and gas producers in the state to close injection wells and reduce volumes in others.