reduced to beggary

See: poor
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And in oligarchical States, from the general spread of carelessness and extravagance, men of good family have often been reduced to beggary?
But with the steely determination that was so much a facet of his personality, the Mahatma refused to even look at his eldest son, who by this time was visibly starving and reduced to beggary, and did not allow him into the compartment.
In this latter event innocent people have been killed, others hospitalised and reduced to beggary, having been made bereft of their homes and possessions in minutes in a real-life version of a disaster movie.
This is quite remarkable for a man who was once reduced to beggary. " When his shoe- manufacturing business flopped, he was left with huge debts.
The cry in western Canada, wrote one reporter, was "for one thing and one thing alone: water" Two out of three people in rural Saskatchewan were destitute, and the province was reduced to beggary. It was seen as a "rat hole down which millions of dollars taken from eastern taxpayers were dumped"
Ragged and bent, he lived his last years in Liverpool, sometimes reduced to beggary, as he limped round the streets, even selling his VC to make ends meet.

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