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The company's high-performance motors and speed reducers can be used in machine tools, industrial robots, semiconductor capital equipment, aircrafts, medical rehabilitation equipment, electric scooters, automation warehouse equipment, green-energy equipment, foods processing machines, examination equipment, packaging machines, and automation equipment.
The package included the objective, tube components, focuser, a focal reducer, and the required adapter rings to mate it all together into a compact, 330-mm-focal-length, f/4.
man input right-angle drive for each reducer, so the preload can be mechanically applied using a torque wrench.
Abstract: The paper deals with the complex system design as a result of technical problem solution presented on the example of the frictional planetary reducer of simplified structure design.
Compared to grinders, primary reducers generally have very few wear parts that need to be replaced on a regular basis.
The new process reduces alignment errors and can achieve the same reduction of stacked concentric reducers over a shorter pipe run.
These tables are designed to help you narrow down the number of reducers that could fit your application, based on mechanical capacity.
2917103 Reducers cylindrical stage, horizontal (with Novikov gearing)
A new series of in-line gear reducers has been designed to be compatible with any positive displacement pump or equipment needing speed reduction.
DODGE[R] TIGEAR-2[TM] single-reduction, right angle worm speed reducers offer increased value and lowers a user's Total Cost of Ownership.
When this exclusive feature was first introduced in our TORQUB-ARM speed reducer line more than 15 years ago, it revolutionized the shaft-mount reducer concept by assuring that reducers would not seize to the customer's driven shaft.