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Indeed, Almeida (1999) has shown that this problem is equivalent to checking whether the closures of K and L in [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] intersect, which by reducibility is equivalent to checking whether [??] [intersection] [??] [not equal to] [??].
Our main focus will be on the following reducibility.
Alkali treatment of maize starch was carried out in the current work in order to increase the solubility and provide more fragments with higher affinity and reducibility which are required for synthesis of maximum concentrations of stable colloidal silver nanoparticles solutions.
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Thus, the present method has a good reducibility to straight beam configuration.
The addition of Cu enhanced the reduction of Ni; thereby, it can be concluded that the reducibility of bimetallic Cu-Ni is controlled by the amount of Cu.
Temperature programmed reduction of [H.sub.2] ([H.sub.2]-TPR) is usually employed for estimating reducibility of the catalyst.
A screening testicular ultrasound demonstrated an extratesticular mass thought to be an inguinal hernia because of its reducibility on exam.
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If reducibility appears possible over small time-slices, why should it suddenly become impossible when the time interval is increased?
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