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Reducing SAN Costs and Complexity with iSCSI and Serial Attached SCSI
The SP25 transports the sand at a lower velocity; consumes less air thus reducing energy consumption; and does not use boosters or fluidization, allowing for simpler installation and better quality control.
In addition, because sound waves have a tendency to bend over and around objects and to spread out with distance, barrier walls are only effective in reducing sound at distances of less than 400 meters from the roadway.
The Supreme Court finally cleared the way to proceed with the new air quality standards in February 2001, and within a few months, EPA analysts had readied an aggressive "straw proposal"--the plan they would initially bring to the bargaining table where Clear Skies would be hammered out--for reducing power plant pollution.
Parts were also designed to be self-aligning, further reducing the complexity of the assembly process.
We modeled vaccine efficacy for the 1,000 postexposure vaccines by the magnitude of the vaccine's effect on reducing the rate of latently infected persons' progressing to disease (Figure 1).
In fact, most primary reducers feature teeth that can be hard-faced indefinitely, reducing replacement costs.
NPSI also suggests purchasing water-saving equipment, reducing the amount of pool water to prevent wasteful splashing, and maintaining your pool often to reduce excess cleaning and backrwashing.
A clinical information system with rules and alerts can reduce redundant tests and support leading practice outcomes in reducing preventable errors.
Users of OLAP solutions such as Hyperion Essbase and Oracle Express(R) can now leverage HyperRoll to gain lightning-fast access to large data volumes while drastically reducing the need for additional hardware or storage.
Temporary regulations (TD 9089) address reducing tax attributes when a consolidated group member realizes discharge of indebtedness (DOI) income on debt that is not an inter-company obligation under Regs.
Remove from oven and deglaze with vermouth, peppercorns and thyme, reducing by three-quarters.