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Although battling for his life, Sing had not failed to note the advent of the strange young giant, nor the part he had played in succoring the professor, so that it was with a feeling of relief that he saw the newcomer turn his attention toward those who were rapidly reducing the citadel of his own existence.
FOR three weeks after his meeting with Bertrade de Montfort and his sojourn at the castle of John de Stutevill, Norman of Torn was busy with his wild horde in reducing and sacking the castle of John de Grey, a royalist baron who had captured and hanged two of the outlaw's fighting men; and never again after his meeting with the daughter of the chief of the barons did Norman of Torn raise a hand against the rebels or their friends.
We are reducing all her other views to practice, and we must not shirk this one.
Besides, whale-boats were not cheap in the Solomons; and, also, the deaths were daily reducing the working capital.
And here was the man Spencer, organizing all knowledge for him, reducing everything to unity, elaborating ultimate realities, and presenting to his startled gaze a universe so concrete of realization that it was like the model of a ship such as sailors make and put into glass bottles.
By thus reducing the ministers to three heads he suppressed departments which had come to be useless, together with the enormous costs of their maintenance in Paris.
This tree I was three days in cutting down, and two more cutting off the boughs, and reducing it to a log or piece of timber.
Ester-based co-stabilizing lubricants for improvement in thermostability of PVC formulations, reducing stabilizer levels.
Aside from reducing a business' operating expenses, the program also lessens its impact on the environment.
The goal of the test was to maintain performance while eliminating compressed air consumption and substantially reducing the horsepower associated with operating the system.
One of the most effective means for reducing gas is to remind yourself to eat and drink more slowly.
Reducing non-fatal injuries is the next step in safety systems, says Prof.