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In spite of redundance and obscurity in the style of the narrative, Constantia found in it powerful excitements of her sympathy" (62).
Michel Melot, in The Art of Illustration, claims that "the image then is no longer an appendix, ornament or redundance of the text.
For example, Roseberry-McKibben (2001) recommended strategies for teaching English vocabulary and phonological awareness skills using a Thematic Redundance Approach, which uses repetition and multiple exposures of stimuli as a strategy for language learning.
a sequence) which--having no limits of symmetry, periodicity or redundance, but rather an aperiodic order--possesses for that very reason the prerequisite for the maximum possible information content, though no analytical expression thereof can be found.
Leaving photographic and film theory momentarily aside, Kuhn gives a moving (and mercifully linear) account of the dislocation she suffered as a working-class girl attending a middle-class grammar school, but by doing so she underlines the redundance of the image as `evidentiary' support.
It cites "a Japanese sage" who counsels his disciples to "write as short as you can," and the author recalls his composition teacher in Chicago, "who wouldn't put up with redundance.
NAMTA's disaster recovery plan, in part based on Rowell's experience as director of the Institute for Space Technology, Cape Canaveral, Florida, includes setting up a communication center to monitor the membership, partnering with regional associations to provide communication redundance to back up each other's database systems, and collaborating with other national and international art associations for relief efforts.
Positivity is obtained by a redundance of negations.
Let your verse be the winged thing/To be felt issuing from a soul in transit/Toward other skies, to other loves" Redundance here has wrought its masterpiece.
Machines threaten them with redundance and further de-skill their work.
In the middle classes, the success of feminism in securing equal opportunity, independence and promotion for women in formerly male domains, while relieving economic stress for men lucky enough to have partners with good jobs, added new stress to the pain of redundance and new fuel to the fires of backlash (Falludi 1991).