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The Redundancy Payments Act has also had secondary effects on work force reductions.
This is why if you have ever gone through a redundancy process you will have repeatedly heard phrases such as "potential redundancy", "provisionally selected" and "subject to the consultation process." This is because consultation should be "meaningful" and the outcome not pre-determined.
The council said this means not all employees are treated equally in terms of redundancy payments.
Council bosses say they "take into account the potential to implement efficiencies" during the redundancy process.
The employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "The mood in the plant is sour and toxic due to the poor terms of the voluntary redundancy offer.
Provided a company is able to set out a clear rationale for a redundancy dismissal, which is supported by evidence and a fair and thorough process is undertaken, an employer will be in a good position to defend any subsequent labour claims.
PACE Adviser Owen Davies explains: "Redundancy can bring a sense of loss and emptiness.
Job outcomes for PACE clients are high - 71% of clients had entered employment before or after their redundancy (Source - PACE Client Experience Survey 2016).
(2) A Resource Brick Wall is constructed by the redundancy related to combining algorithms detecting and eliminating engine according to the resource attribute in a policy's target attributes.
The UCU said it would resist any moves for compulsory redundancy.
The labour ministry said on Wednesday that the number of pending redundancy payments was reduced to 15,301 in October, from 16,308 in September.
CHRISTMAS special: On the first day of Christmas this Government gave to me a redundancy in a Remploy factory.