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termination of employment because of the disappearance of the need for the job. In the employment law of the UK, certain rights accrue to someone who is made redundant, i.e. if his dismissal is the result wholly or mainly of the cessation of the employer's business or to the cessation or diminution of demands for particular work. Redundancy can be a potentially fair reason for dismissal, preventing a claim for unfair dismissal, but it might be unfair if the particular employee has been unfairly selected, as where he is perhaps the longest-serving employee but is the first to be made redundant. In any event, an employee who has served two years of continuous employment will be entitled to a redundancy payment based upon the years of service and the employee's age.
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REDUNDANCY. Matter introduced in an answer, or pleading, which is foreign to the bill or articles.
     2. In the case of Dysart v. Dysart, 3 Curt. Ecc. R. 543, in giving the judgment of the court, Dr. Lushington says: "It may not, perhaps, be easy to define the meaning of this term [redundant] in a short sentence, but the true meaning I take to be this: the respondent is not to insert in his answer any matter foreign to the articles he is called upon to answer, although such matter may be admissible in a plea; but he may, in his answer, plead matter by way of explanation pertinent to the articles, even if such matter shall be solely in his own knowledge and to such extent incapable of proof; or he may state matter which can be substantiated by witnesses; but in this latter instance, if such matter be introduced into the answer and not afterwards put in the plea or proved, the court will give no weight or credence to such part of the answer."
     3. A material distinction is to be observed between redundancy in the allegation and redundancy in the proof. In the former case, a variance between the allegation and the proof will be fatal if the redundant allegations are descriptive of that which is essential. But in the latter case, redundancy cannot vitiate, because more is proved than is alleged, unless the matter superfluously proved goes to contradict some essential part of the allegation. 1 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 67; 1 Stark. Ev. 401.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It became apparent that there were unfilled jobs in the new organisations and staff who had been made redundant found there were vacancies they could apply for.
In a written statement, Defence Minister Mark Francois said: "Today the Army are announcing the fields from which they will select personnel to be made redundant in the third tranche of the programme; this will comprise up to 5,300 Army personnel.
"Similarly, those preparing for, or recovering from such operations on the day the redundancy notices are issued will not be made redundant unless they have applied."
The urologist quickly retracts the redundant foreskin to break the fine adhesions, and then applies a greasy antibiotic ointment such as a triple-antibiotic compound.
Daniel Butters, joint administrator and partner in Deloitte's restructuring services practice, said: "Regrettably, we have been unable to continue to trade all of the Barratts Priceless Group stores and have had to make 127 employees across 18 stores redundant.
It seems particularly hard then for those who worked in the Victoria Lane premises of retail chain Ethel Austin in Huddersfield who were made redundant and got nothing.
The survey, which questioned almost 300 HR professionals and line managers and over 750 employees across the public, private and voluntary sectors, found that 47% of employers believe it should be compulsory for organisations to provide career transition services to staff being made redundant.
If you have recently been made redundant or are facing redundancy, it is bound to be a stressful and uncertain time but careers advisers are on hand to provide assistance and help guide you through the best options.
--probability of individual states is almost insensitive to the number of redundant units when the repair capacity is nonzero dominant influence of the system configuration (k,m,r) on the production volume.
Diverse and redundant links ensure a highly efficient level of routing, which is a mechanism to safeguard system against any flaws or delays through a high level of frequency, and therefore efficiency creating minimal room for any errors or delays.
The new Prayer On Being Made Redundant and Prayer For Those Remaining In The Workplace are being made available by the Church of England in an attempt to provide comfort to people.

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