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Tenders are invited for Providing And Laying Gi Pipe Line Exposed On Wall Replacing Redundent Concealed Gi Pipe Lines in connection with Upgradation Of Ug Hostel North Block.
Therefore, HSMLS and HDMLD are regarded as redundent.
If made redundent, 30% of respondents said they would not be able to manage their mortgage, 25% would be forced to apply for benefits, while 9% would turn to credit cards, store cards or a personal loan and 8% would rely on an overdraft facility.
The same process though symbolically addressed the status of similar but redundent sanctions against Pakistan which was burdened by layers of sanctions, including Pressler Amendment and sanctions pertaining to violations of the Missile Technology Control Regime as well as military take over of 1999.
But he replied: "I can't do that as have no spare cash & having to make staff redundent (sic) due to cost of divorce.
Bannatyne replied: "I can't do that as have no spare cash & having to make staff redundent (sic) due to cost of divorce.
Christine, who loves her job, said the news she was to be made redundent came completely "out of the blue".
A final field instructor noted, "While I have attended an orientation with each of the Universities, going every year seems redundent [sic] and time consuming--it's nice to visit, the coffee's great, but I really don't have the time.
The last Amendment to be considered was for Article V, Board of Directors, Responsibilities, and after consideration by the HOD, it was believed that the new language was redundent to the current By-Laws and the Amendment was "Postponed Indefinitely.
At the same time, the key components of PFC are consistent with those of continuous quality improvement (CQI): much of the work is accomplished by interdisciplinary teams and a major focus is on the process of care delivery, eliminating unnecessary or redundent steps that do not add value to the end-product of patient care.
It is only when the introduction of new crop varieties renders the historical knowledge, embedded in the cultural practices learnt over generations, redundent or obsolete that education emerges as an instrument of change.