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induplicate, distal marginal folds induplicate and margin reduplicate.
These strokes of color sometimes reduplicate the paired forms below, as in the twin toothpaste-green arcs that complete Hooked.
Alchemy is an endeavor to purify and to reduplicate nature, and yet it is heretical.
Plication proximal section not available; distal marginal folds, one margin reduplicate, the other margin induplicate.
Reduplicate words are so scarce in English that an all-dictionary tautonymic ten is impossible.
Such structures are not only synchronic rather than diachronic; they also reduplicate the very hegemony that the medieval theologies and politics of Corpus Christi sought to accomplish--social integration and unity in the name of a single administering body.
In short, my students and I refuse to reduplicate the strategy of the dominant Eurocentric culture where authority silences people.
The largest portion of Farrell's book is devoted to showing that whenever the world drops out of our accounts of knowing or acting, this triangular structure collapses and we are left with forms of theory which reduplicate elements of the projectionist model of subjectivity.
We are also shown, illuminatingly, how the debates concerning monody and polyphony in fact revived and extended aesthetic concerns examined by Plato and Aristotle, particularly in the desire to reduplicate the impact of Greek tragedy in music.
1) Total reduplication: Dyirbal nominals reduplicate fully to mark plurality (Dixon 1972)
In Southern Ndebele the basic strategy for the formation of the identificative copulatives with nouns as complement is to omit the pre-prefix and to reduplicate the/CV/of the true prefix (if the noun root is monosyllabic) or to omit the pre-prefix and lower the tone on the true prefix (if the noun root is polysyllabic).
Tersical versical: Line One: reduplicate Double Dactylicus: Two: someones name.