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Aspects of the semantics of Igbo de-verbative reduplicated noun.
In the normal case, a reduplicated form such as buku-buku can be stemmed to buku 'book' and the meaning inferred using the grammar, but matamata has to be linked directly to meaning and the inference from mata blocked.
A quantitative analysis of reduplicated and variegated babbling in vocalizations by Down syndrome infants.
Cole (1955:118) contends that "[i]n the formation of compounds consisting of noun plus noun, other than those having reduplicated stems, the prefix of the second noun is omitted".
She adds that this process also holds for reduplicated verbs.
Mekeo, reduplicated words that have become well established in the
Silent about his own role as war promoter (his specialty was Saddam's imaginary nuclear threat), oblivious to the lessons of disaster in Iraq, reduplicated in the war in Lebanon, Pollack and Georgetown Uni's Daniel Byman called for more US troops to be sent to Iraq, to help set up "refugee collection points" A[degrees] i.
In Gay is the Word, a gay bookstore in London, I heard a person pick up this very book, gaze at the cover's reduplicated images of Barbra Streisand a la Andy Warhol's Marilyn prints, and ask her friend, "Is Streisand gay?
can seem like one giant theme park endlessly reduplicated, the triumph of the cookie cutter culture and its distinctive art form, the national TV commercial.
Basically, we are in front of a reduplicated myth of foundation: the first Bawle traditions (not of all the Bawle groups, but only of some of them
Even the most insignificant occurrence in nature (the cry of a bird, say) has been reduplicated and superimposed on the "ontic" world; even the encoded procedures of the lottery have become absorbed by the random modifications of the drawings.