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There seems to be little doubt that the Northwest Germanic forms are closely related to the reduplicating verbs in Gothic and that they formed their preterite by reduplication in Germanic.
As suggested by Voyles (1980), the split between Gothic reduplicating verbs and Northwest Germanic ablauting verbs of class VII is to be looked for in their different stress patterns.
The originally unstressed reduplicating syllable created appropriate conditions for the operation of Verner's law in Germanic.
This new type spread first into the archaic reduplicating preterites: het, let, red for heht, leort, reord, and later disseminated to the other verbs of this class (Mottausch 1998: 71).
Peking can take bisyllabic adjectives and make them either intensive or more pointedly disagreeable by reduplicating the first syllable and inserting plain le.
The first solution does not explain why the stressed reduplicating syllable would have been lost in Tocharian, the second does not explain the zero-grade of the Tocharian.