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The need to understand the danger of merely reduplicating the powerful binary opposition between colonizer and colonized and ending up in an impasse constitutes one of the recurring preoccupations of the Field Day pamphlets, particularly those written by Deane in the first two series, 'Civilians and Barbarians' and 'Heroic Styles'.
In (1b) the question is constructed by reduplicating the verb and inserting the appropriate negative element, in this case the perfective negative mei, between the two parts.
But in so doing they both end up reduplicating the very void their fantasy work seeks to replace.
She insists on "engaging in constant self-interrogation in the interest of creating a movement that can avoid reduplicating the very hierarchies it seeks to challenge" (p.
The vowel of reduplicating syllable (spelled ai) which is a reflex of IE */e/ (Gr.
The first solution does not explain why the stressed reduplicating syllable would have been lost in Tocharian, the second does not explain the zero-grade of the Tocharian.