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Main mechanisms of spontaneous closure of ventricular septal defects (VSD) * Category Mechanism Membranous Right ventricular jet lesion VSD Adherence of tricuspid valve leaflets Aneurysm of membranous septum Concept of roughened endothelium Left-to-right shunt flow jet toward the tricuspid valve Deposition of fibrin over the margins of the defect Perimembranous Reduplication of tricuspid valve tissue VSD Adherence of tricuspid valve leaflets Prolapse of an aortic valve leaflet Aneurysm of membranous septum Connective tissue remodeling by matrix metallo- proteinase-9 Muscular VSD Growth and hypertrophy of surrounding muscular septum Apposition of the edge of defect by fibrous tissue * See text for details and references.
There is one example where *y may have been lost before i word-initially in the reduplication syllable: the middle participle iyana-.
historical morpheme boundary LIG ligative LOC locative NMZ nominaliser/same subject np non-past PATH do action while on a path of motion PL plural POS possessive POT potential marker PST past RED reduplication REF reflexive REL relativiser RSP respect register SMOG same patrimoiety, opposite generation VT verbaliser, transitive
Identification of reduplication has already been carried out using the clues of Bengali morphological patterns [11].
Schuh in one more study, "The Locus of Pluractional Reduplication in West Chadic" (2002), reveals that in Hausa and a number of other Chadic languages, reduplication of a root initial syllable is the productive method of forming pluractional verbs.
After the kuangkay has come full circle (tangaai) and the deceased has been led on his strenuous journey over into the afterlife, the deceased ('s skull) is perceived to be Ho 'cleaned, purified,'33 34 whence the term kelelioM 'the clean one,' as a synonym or semantic reduplication of kelelungan.
Why not pool resources, avoid reduplication of efforts, form a coalition for advocacy efforts?
The postcards are not photographs, based on the principles of imitation or reduplication of reality.
The arteries show varying degrees of intimal thickening, along with reduplication of the elastic lamina.
19) Hill discusses the differences between linguistic and metaphysical solutions, including reduplication and relative identity; transformationalist models, which include both the physical and dualist varieties; and relational models, which include concretism and abstractism, prophetic models, compositionalist models, and two-mind models.
Reduplication of the muscularis mucosa is a frequent finding.
For no apparent reason, they take no heed of sporadic non-etymological reduplication of consonant graphemes in some Old English MSS.