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In the same vein, Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Al-Shami reechoed the same
The second is to communicate those big ideas throughout the breadth and depth of your organizations; not just to your subordinate leaders and their subordinates, but to have them echoed and reechoed all the way down through all of the elements that you're privileged to oversee.
The conclusion of "Twilight" is reechoed in Hareven's above-mentioned 1985 essay, "I am a Levantine.
Aware of the necessarily equalitarian relations to accomplish the country's national unity and permanent peace versus the government's co-opting plans, the Minawi-led Sudan Liberation Movement and the 'Abd al-Wahid opposition group reechoed similar advisements and claims by the other opposition and civil society groups to persuade the United Nations and the Sudan Friends to recognize the comprehensive role to be played by the Sudanese popular movement in the Darfur peace process.