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Sorensen's co-researchers' stories echoed and reechoed with me.
Such self-giving beauty should be reechoed in the celebration of the Liturgy and a true culture of life and love.
It is not, however, only a world of reflected and mediated images that is presented within each of the novel's two stories; it is also, to echo Jewkes's note on the thematic structure, a book of echoed and reechoed sounds, between the stories in terms of images and motifs and also in the complementary narrative focalizations found in each.
Dr Chris Nonis said he was heartened by Prime Minister David Cameron's new thrust of Economic Diplomacy, which was also reechoed by Foreign Secretary William Hague, and that therein lies an opportunity for the UK-Sri Lankan relationship.
In the same vein, Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Al-Shami reechoed the same
The conclusion of "Twilight" is reechoed in Hareven's above-mentioned 1985 essay, "I am a Levantine.