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Sauytbay fled China in April last year and testified at her trial that thousands of ethnic Kazakhs, Uyghurs, and other Muslims in the northwestern province of Xinjiang were undergoing "political indoctrination" in a network of "reeducation camps."
That is why it is a general reeducation, not limited to a few people."
More to the point, the episode showed how provocative and enlightening some US TV shows have become, especially in the area of 'roots reeducation.'
Meanwhile, Kim Yong Chol, the head of the North's United Front Department that looks over inter-Korean relations, was ordered to carry out "revolutionary reeducation," Seoul's Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee said.
Realise dans le quartier Salmia , le centre de reeducation pour personnes handicapees comprend des salles de kinesitherapie, de psychotherapie, de psychomotricite, d'ergotherapie, d'alphabetisation, de travail manuel et creation, d'informatique, ainsi que des ateliers de prise de mesure et d'essayage, de moulage, de mecanique et montage.
"80 rare medicines among 120 have been provided for patients," Ould Abbes said on sidelines of his participation to a ceremony on the honour of detainees who succeeded in BEM and baccalaureate exams, organized in the reeducation centre of Al Harrach (Algiers).
As the United States continues its efforts to reshape Iraq in its own image, Jennifer Fay's look at the American reeducation of post-WWII Germany is extremely timely.
Chinese Human Rights Defenders said in a statement that Liu Xueli, 42, was arrested Tuesday at his home in the northern province of Henan and has begun a sentence of ''reeducation through labor.''
The reeducation programs sought to give China strength by eliminating aspects of its culture perceived to be weaknesses--but those very aspects may have been a source of China's strength as well.
argued Thursday that its crew reeducation program was ''necessary and useful,'' challenging a draft government panel report which indicated the scheme was part of the cause of the fatal derailment of a rapid-service commuter train in April 2005 killing 106 passengers and the train driver.
After the United States exited Vietnam and Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese communists, Vietnam became, as Tan put it, a country "not in a condition for a kid to grow up in." Citizens were regularly sent to reeducation camps; people were controlled through threats and fear.