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1) name, Addresses and contact point (s) agency of the community of madrid for the reeducation and reinsertion of the child offender c / albasanz, 2 contact point (s) community of madrid agency for the reeducation and reintegration of the child offender attn eva cdiz jimnez 28037 madrid spain phone +34 914934107 email eva.
Dans une declaration a l'agence TAP, le porte-parole de la direction generale des prisons et de la reeducation, Sofiene Mezghich a indique le ministere public a ete aussitot informe de l'incident pour determiner les causes reelles de l'incendie.
Meanwhile, Kim Yong Chol, the head of the North's United Front Department that looks over inter-Korean relations, was ordered to carry out "revolutionary reeducation," Seoul's Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee said.
Realise dans le quartier Salmia , le centre de reeducation pour personnes handicapees comprend des salles de kinesitherapie, de psychotherapie, de psychomotricite, d'ergotherapie, d'alphabetisation, de travail manuel et creation, d'informatique, ainsi que des ateliers de prise de mesure et d'essayage, de moulage, de mecanique et montage.
In the various chapters of her book, Fay argues that German audiences were capable of reading Hollywood films in a manner that "exposed the hypocrisy of the reeducation campaign and the perils of genuinely imitating America's contemporary culture or its developmental experience" (xxv).
Reeducation through labor is usually enforced on those committing less serious crimes in China.
argued Thursday that its crew reeducation program was ''necessary and useful,'' challenging a draft government panel report which indicated the scheme was part of the cause of the fatal derailment of a rapid-service commuter train in April 2005 killing 106 passengers and the train driver.
Scott Gelber, "A 'Hard-Boiled Order': The Reeducation of Disabled WWI Veterans in New York City"
Irene Dowd, author of Taking Root to Fly: Articles on Functional Anatomy for Dancers, has developed a unique approach to injury prevention using neuromuscular reeducation, which she teaches in her private practice in New York City.
The Coqui Hawaiian Integration and Reeducation Project (CHIRP) is applying for an export license for coquies.