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And once again he stared at me through the reek of the flame, and pointed with his assegai to the door of the hut.
He was back in a moment, and I smelt a strong reek of brandy as he passed me.
The lantern only had fallen from his hands; it lay on one side, smoking horribly; and a something in the reek caused me to set it up in haste and turn the body over with both hands.
The door closed once more, and the pungent reek of a strong cigar was borne to our nostrils.
She came to the door with them, and as they glanced back they saw her still standing there with the yellow bull pup cuddled up under one forearm, and the thin blue reek of her cigarette ascending from her lips.
Their clothes and their letters reek with the foetid secretion of the musk deer.
There they lie, the water-snakes, in Freshwater Bay; and mark the reek of smoke from yonder point, where they have been at their devil's work.
There are legislators in the parlours, in the first floor, in the second, in the third, in the garrets; the small apartments reek with the breath of deputations and delegates.
The reek of spirits, the greasy rancid steam of food got Razumov by the throat.
One or two late birds sleepily chirping in their nests, and a bat heavily crossing and recrossing her, and the reek of her own tread in the thick dust that felt like velvet, were all Mrs.
A cold, damp reek from the moat chilled us to the bones and set our teeth chattering.
Reeks, seven per cent of animal matter; and when placed in a spirit-lamp, they burn with a small flame.