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It is a shame and a disgrace to a city like Calgary, having as it has such fine buildings to show to its visitors (and all of them grandly clean) that a hole, a reeking, filthy, disgraceful hole, like the lock up should be allowed to exist.
Indeed, contrasted with Woo's often bloated and self-canceling Face/Off, The Replacement Killers has a fast, precise concision: action sequences that explode like formalist hand grenades, set off by claustrophobic spaces reeking of Chandleresque rot, all held together by Chow's spectral gravity.
Their four-storey tenement was left reeking of kippers when a faulty fish-smoking machine in the shop went up in flames.
Why don't you pry your atrophied little brain out of your reeking, cancerous colon and shove it up your weevil-infested, snot-packed nose where it belongs.
A PEST control firm has launched a chocolate-scented mouse trap after university researchers found rodents preferred its aroma to devices reeking of vanilla or cheese.
Dempster, 61, was found reeking of drink an slurring his speech after crashing and overturning his car at a pedestrian crossing in Ham, Surrey.
Well, in the States most of the newest fag art--art deploying a fag sign system--is faux naive, boho, crunchy, Radical Faerie-ish, reeking of patchouli, crystal meth, astro-vividness, and (super yuck) collectivity.
But unless it can find the technology to make him stagger home from football on a Saturday reeking of curry and lager, fire his pants across the bedroom and promise the best sex you've ever had, it just won't be the same.