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Still there was no alternative, and, filling his lungs with the close and reeking air of the chamber, Tarzan of the Apes dived into the dark and watery hole which he could not see but had felt out and found with his feet and legs.
You expected to see her colossal figure loom through that reeking blue cloud of smoke from frying fat just as you expect the Palisades to appear through a drifting Hudson River fog.
The ground was covered, nearly ankle-deep, with filth and mire; a thick steam, perpetually rising from the reeking bodies of the cattle, and mingling with the fog, which seemd to rest upon the chimney-tops, hung heavily above.
No, not even on that memorable morning, when, deserting their old home, they abandoned themselves to the mercies of a strange world, and left all the dumb and senseless things they had known and loved, behind--not even then, had they so yearned for the fresh solitudes of wood, hillside, and field, as now, when the noise and dirt and vapour, of the great manufacturing town reeking with lean misery and hungry wretchedness, hemmed them in on every side, and seemed to shut out hope, and render escape impossible.
However, following the discovery of slaves on the Pritchard farm, Syndicate 9 is under more scrutiny than ever - which means it's a particularly disastrous time for the boss to come in reeking of booze.
I would love to see the Cabinet Office overrun with unruly children reeking havoc.
2 (ANI): Manchester City's eccentric Italian striker Mario Balotelli was in for a shock recently, when he found his 150,000 pound Maserati sports car reeking of smelly fish.
I visited Calgary some time ago and while in the city visited all your leading institutions from the General Hospital down to the abominable, germ-incubating, foulodorous, reeking, and filthy establishment used for the temporary incarceration of overindulging individuals and law breakers in general.
Just three days after he started at the hospital, he was supposed to be the on-call consultant but arrived for a major trauma case drunk and reeking of alcohol.
95) returns the Strega-Borgia clan to life in a new adventure when a faithful butler is found comatose reeking of sulfur.
Our husbands shall not come to us reeking of carnage for caresses and applause.
Nearby, the squabbling of finches combined with the honks of mules to compete for class attention within a barn reeking of tack and dung.