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It also attracted interest and contribution from international artists such as Giuseppe Percivati (Italy), Maurizio Boscheri (Italy) to name a few, who especially flew down to Karachi, Pakistan to paint the cable reels and leave a message for the masses.
The Public Outreach Committee of 'Reel On Hai' aims to make Karachi city look beautiful by creatively transforming the discarded cable reels into pieces of colorful art.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi generously provided the space to install the Reel at the grounds of the St Patrick's Cathedral, a religious and architectural landmark of the city.
Prevents the reel from over-running the riser by matching the umbilical speed with the riser speed, preventing costly over-runs.
With pioneering technology, Lightcast retractable reel systems solve your cable management issues in mfg plants, labs, hospitals, conference rooms, concert halls, police video upload stations, even on navy ships.
If you don't care to tackle the job yourself, send the reel to the original manufacturer and for a nominal fee they will service the drag for you.
It does not take a genius to be able to clean a reel, and apply the odd bit of oil to the easily reachable parts, so I will try and talk you though a simple process of maintenance.
While your average reel might set you back a few hundred pounds, Bogdan reels ranged from $1,500 for the smallest trout reel to about $2,400 for the biggest salmon reel.
As a result of market influences, Craemer says it has responded to the needs of manufacturers of web materials by launching a new range of plastic 'reel saddles' and multi-purpose wedges' to facilitate secure and safe handling of different sized reels of materials such as film, foil, paper, corrugated cardboard, etc.
A separate vertical reel lifter mounted on a customised air hoist, hanging from a swing-jib crane, allows the operators to off-load reels of up to 95 kg.
reel off : to say or recite rapidly or easily <He can reel off the answers.
From founder Clifford Hannay's first manual-crank reel, the company has grown steadily on the strength of its reliable products.