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Bourhenne reenacts with Helayar's Company, 7th Regiment of Foot, Royal Fuziliers (Fusiliers), and loves every waking minute of it; he's engulfed from start to finish on reenacting weekends.
The gallery's ground floor is filled with a large video projection, also titled Leap into the Void, 2003, in which Clem literally reenacts Klein's famous leap.
An Osaka festival that reenacts exchanges between ancient Japan and Korea has been canceled for this year due to the failure of Osaka-based credit union Kansai Kogin, which was a major sponsor, organizers said Tuesday.
Although The Spanish Tragedy could hardly avoid referring to England's conflict with Spain, even if written wall before 1588, Ardolino asserts that this revenge play symbolically reenacts a specific instance of divine retribution that (for Kyd and his audience) was carried out against the Spanish Armada by the English fleet off Calais.
Arce reenacts Manzoni's rebelliousness precisely by reversing the antipainterliness of his precursor's model-signing action.
He reenacts Baldwin's conflicts with his stepfather, a strict Pentecostal preacher who perpetually reminded his adopted son (Baldwin never knew his real father) of his "ugliness.