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As thanksgiving, he decided to volunteer in the play and be one of the more than 800 "penitentes (penitents)" in the reenactment.
The psychological links connecting reenactor and reenactment have evaded most students of living history.
At its core, The Act of Killing is a showcase of reenactments by, and at first ostensibly for, the perpetrators of years of brutal murders that took place in Northern Indonesia.
WWII airpower demo, Red Tail P-51C and Tuskegee Airmen traveling exhibit, and WWII ground reenactment.
AS SAFIR reported on July 20, 2010 that earlier this year international investigators carried out a similar reenactment of the killing with 1,300 kilograms of explosives using 3-D technology.
A spokesman for the Sealed Knot said the aim of its reenactments was to promote research into, the study of and public interest in the history of the Civil Wars.
Not recognizing them and using intramuscular medication--although producing rapid sedation--can intensify and lower the threshold for repeated reenactments in these restricted settings.
During a reenactment, Campbell plays the role of a Union enlisted man with the 14th Indiana, the 6th Ohio or the 2nd Vermont, and sports different uniforms for each unit.
The weakness of reenactment, in helping people to understand the past, is its tendency to de-contextualise.
Previous expirations of the credit and its subsequent reenactment -- especially where retroactive -- may have raised taxpayer expectations that the credit will be available to reduce the cost of their projects.
But--and this is the miracle of ritual--the now of reenactment can occur over and over again.