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Casebooks, at least those written by law professors, reenforce the "widely held and deep belief[ ]" that the study of constitutional law should be undertaken through a "detailed examination of Supreme Court decisions, albeit supplemented in varying degrees by authors' questions and law review excerpts.
At Calgary, most of the Mounted Police were withdrawn to reenforce northern posts and on 20 March, Strange chaired a meeting of residents to plan local defence.
department, prior to go-live to reenforce computer skills and help
That is why "the system of overlords does not reenforce the isolation of the communities; on the contrary, it facilitates their access to the central power.
Moreover, in most of the cases in which the Court has recognized children's autonomy, such recognition can be interpreted to reenforce traditional notions of family autonomy.
the transgression of official appearance" (Atlanta and Alexander, 1989: 166; see Ward, 1973) thus intensifies and expands as those in power work to reenforce this spatial authority.
Although he Christianizes his approach by insisting that the prince be as good as he seems, for it is far better to be than to appear virtuous, he ultimately concedes that a prince, when required by necessity, must be able and willing to manipulate appearances in order to enhance his reputation and reenforce authority.
This artificial price inflation helps reenforce the perception that art is both valuable and a good investment.
After each session, attendees take a test to reenforce what they have learned.
As a result, OSHA and industry officials are coordinating seminars to reenforce proper techniques and procedures.
Eventually this familiarity starts to reenforce itself.
We will reenforce regulations for permit holders and make sure they display a certificate on their craft, and we will be strongly enforcing that this year.