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Christie darted back to the cabin, and softly reentered her room.
He was only a minute or so inside, and then I heard the key turn once more and he passed me and reentered the house.
It took a dozen attempts on the part of the thoroughly frightened blacks to reenter their village, past the horrible, grinning face of their dead fellow, and when they found the food and arrows gone they knew, what they had only too well feared, that Mirando had seen the evil spirit of the jungle.
The two men exchanged a few words and then turned and reentered the corridor.
She reentered the room, and as she crossed it to her chair, he admired the way she walked, while the bronze slippers were maddening.
She heard Billy reenter the kitchen, move about, and knew he was sweeping up the broken glass of the kitchen door.
and unlawfully reenters. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA) amended the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to expand the class of illegal re-entrants whose orders may be reinstated and to restrict the range of relief available from a removal order.
Two heat-resistant spherical tanks made of titanium alloy, each weighing 7 kilograms and measuring 55 centimeters in diameter, could withstand frictional heat as the satellite reenters the atmosphere, the agency said.
Something mysterious is occurring: The dakini, the enlightened woman in the midst of terrestrial death, restores to the universe all the energy that she had been given at birth, and she reenters the perpetual dance of Shiva, no longer an individual, no longer an ego.
When the researchers turn off the activating light and bubble oxygen through the solution, they restore the cylinder's positive charge, and a piston reenters.
The woman with the clipboard reenters after each section until only one dancer is left.
With Clock, a user sets the computer with the correct time and some hours or days later (the longer the interval the better) reenters the time.