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A real time kernel includes a set of methods, in order to reduce the delays, meaning: the reentrance, the preemption, the scheduling of priorities and the succession of priority.
When the day arrived for the reentrance try, I approached the exam site, down in the financial district, with fewer tremors than on my last such encounter.
A more flexible and portable model would ease exit from and reentrance into the profession and enable it to more effectively compete for talent.
1] phase and reentrance cell cycle after recovered.
In these cases the manual reexecution of the commands would require a reentrance of a whole set of parameters, the majority of them without being changed.
Thus, beginning with the individual's reentrance into the hospital, whether through planned or emergent entry, interpreting behaviors and assessing pain is essential.
After participants reported that they were capable of reentrance in the recalled life events, they were asked to rate their affective states and sense of control on a 7-point scale.
Lurty, senior vice president of commodity markets for the Life Business Group, characterized the effort as "our reentrance into the term market.
This is the providence of the "wise philosopher" of Tom Sawyer, and his reentrance reduces Huck Finn to the same sort of children's entertainment.
Kingsborough estimates that it serves about 1,000 seniors each academic semester, about 10% of whom are there expressly to learn or hone skills that will facilitate their reentrance into the workforce.
37) Upon his reentrance into the Fairy kingdom after forming a 'polliticke league' with those 'on forren shores,' the climate of xenophobia increases considerably, for Ropus has been found guilty of attempted regicide (4.