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Huntington officials and Im glad we are all committed to finding an agreement to reestablish service for the New River Train, Senator Manchin said.
It's exciting to think that Pleistocene rewilding could reestablish lost ecosystems, says Paul Sherman of Cornell, one of Rubenstein's coauthors, but reintroducing megafauna could just as easily disrupt contemporary ones.
Bankruptcy doesn't negate a client's need for the services of a trusted adviser to reestablish credit, procure reasonable interest rates and prepare tax forms.
Finally, I will argue that it is of the highest importance that we work to reestablish and carry out programs of this sort so that we can again bring light into the darkness that currently surrounds us.
Gavin Stamp is possibly best known as a polemicist, but this fascinating study of the almost entirely forgotten architect George Gilbert Scott Junior should reestablish its writer as an architectural historian of distinction and originality.
Their campaign included efforts to reform our immigration laws and pass legislation to reestablish the House Internal Security Committee (HISC).
DEFENSIVE LINES that hope to be successful have to be taught to attack the offensive line and force them to reestablish the line of scrimmage and create problems for themselves.
QA I am a 34-year-old single parent who is trying to reestablish herself and her credit after going through a divorce.
Lewis, senior vice president, Heller Healthcare Finance and NIC Board conference chairman, said, "For the industry to grow, we need to reestablish our reputation as a viable lending source.
For seven days, officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) tried to reestablish contact, but without success.
Under the auspices of the Institute for Psychology and with money from UNICEF they worked with teachers, refugee parents and children to reestablish emotional stability and self-confidence and to help integrate the children into their new environment.
Mohlenbrock, MD, asserts: "Now is the time for physicians to reestablish their legitimate right to make clinical decisions by eliminating the intrusive utilization management techniques of managed care 12 Mohlenbrock is on the right track here.