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Finally, I will argue that it is of the highest importance that we work to reestablish and carry out programs of this sort so that we can again bring light into the darkness that currently surrounds us.
It is an excellent way to reestablish the line of scrimmage and play on the offensive side of the ball.
The only way to repair it is to reestablish responsible use of credit.
Younas was already wellknown in Mohalla Tibba for his tailoring shop, but to reestablish the business, the only hindrance was the lack of access to finance.
We try and make designs that reestablish people's connection with nature and with their physical environment.
Speaking to the Alabama Christian Coalition's "Friends of the Family" Celebration March 8, Riley said, "If we are going to save this country, if we are going to reestablish that belief in God, it's up to us.
They want to reestablish the old natural equilibrium, even if it does cost the sawyers a valuable red oak resource and even if deer and turkey end up shortchanged on the acorn crop.
This dominion, the erotics of which Vincent accepts so unreflectively, is linked in important ways to newfound successes by the Right to reestablish control over the territories associated with gender by denying funding for abortions in third-world countries and by attempting to enforce heterosexuality as a condition for welfare funding in the United States.
Support civilian reintegration of former combatants and reestablish law enforcement and criminal justice systems;
These professionals can provide the expertise to reduce swelling, relieve pain, reestablish range of motion, and begin the restrengthening process.
Yet they only need about 25,000 nuts per year to feed themselves and their offspring, so a large number of seeds remain to germinate and reestablish seedlings.