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It's exciting to think that Pleistocene rewilding could reestablish lost ecosystems, says Paul Sherman of Cornell, one of Rubenstein's coauthors, but reintroducing megafauna could just as easily disrupt contemporary ones.
Bankruptcy doesn't negate a client's need for the services of a trusted adviser to reestablish credit, procure reasonable interest rates and prepare tax forms.
Finally, I will argue that it is of the highest importance that we work to reestablish and carry out programs of this sort so that we can again bring light into the darkness that currently surrounds us.
officials are to be commended for their sustained efforts to reestablish trade between the United States and Japan.
peacekeeping mission, the future stability of the country rests on civilian and military leaders' ability to reestablish mutual trust.
Beyond the scramble to restate their numbers, companies should take a number of steps to reestablish trust in their financial reporting.
Because the path manager has alerted the storage administrators to the situation, it is simple to reboot the primary server and reattach its storage devices using the path manager to quickly reestablish the primary paths.
Their campaign included efforts to reform our immigration laws and pass legislation to reestablish the House Internal Security Committee (HISC).
DEFENSIVE LINES that hope to be successful have to be taught to attack the offensive line and force them to reestablish the line of scrimmage and create problems for themselves.
QA I am a 34-year-old single parent who is trying to reestablish herself and her credit after going through a divorce.
But we're going to reestablish ourselves as one of the most competitive teams in the world.