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On the occasion, four fishmongers were arrested for reestablishing encroachments and shifted to jail for three months under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, they were also imposed a penalty of Rs 50,000.
This will allow the candidate to begin the process of establishing or reestablishing a career as a productive, competitive research investigator.
Support for reestablishing an NIMH branch devoted to aging was bolstered by an internal work group report, which found that in 2002, NIMH provided four times the grant funding ($358 million) to child research as to aging research ($90 million).
Reestablishing intelligence units in city police departments.
These dollars will address emergent building and operating requirements that have arisen as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including reopening our mission in Kabul, Afghanistan; reestablishing an official presence in Dushanbe, Tajikistan; increasing security and personnel protection at home and abroad; and augmenting our broadcasting activities in Afghanistan.
See "Credit busters," this issue, for tips on reestablishing your credit.
He would tell us that our work is not merely being "productive" in the hospital or clinic, but, rather, reestablishing a moral and spiritual dimension to our profession that brings us the satisfaction of lasting value.
Groupe Signes, together with Patel Taylor, won an international competition held by the LDDC for a phased masterplan, in which a new park acts as a catalyst for reestablishing a cohesive urban framework.
So, when L Capital Partners said they were interested in reestablishing the company here, we took a deeper look.
Worth on July 1 with two daily flights to Mexico City, reestablishing the carrier at DFW after a six-month absence.
Reestablishing intelligence units in metropolitan police departments.
In order to help, we've set up the 'Columbia Cares' line to provide customers a one-stop source of both information about their account and options for reestablishing their gas service.