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In the HsMM modeling step, an algorithm based on the Baum-Welch method is performed to reestimate the parameters of the HsMM-based protocol model.
For Year 2 of the exercise period, Year 2 stock prices are used to reestimate proposed total SOE applicable to the exercise period.
The penultimate section shows how the household survey data underestimates household income and hence consumption, and uses the household sector's disposable income figures from the flow-of-funds tables to reestimate household consumption expenditures.
In the remaining Table II results, we reestimate the baseline model using alternative measures of trade receivables to address a potential errors-in-variables problem associated with our proxy for receivables.
Second, we wanted to reestimate the prevalence of M.
To examine this possibility, in columns (4)-(6) of Table 6 we reestimate the equations in column (6) of Table 3 and columns (3) and (7) of Table 4, using only the subsample of public-university faculty on whom we have salary data.
This confusion has led some analysts, such as Moody's, to reestimate the "true picture" of the total local government debts.
Another way to examine possible differences since 1999 is to reestimate the regressions presented in Table 3 using only the subsample 1988-99 to see if excluding the period following the switch to PCE and later to core PCE would materially influence the results.
CBO's reestimate of the President's proposed outlays fall sharply after FY2006, in part the result of the Administration's assumption of reductions in discretionary spending, before beginning a steady rise after FY2012 (it mirrors the estimates in the MSR closely through FY2011, when the MSR estimates end).
It is important to note that the main motivation for the consideration of this approach is not to reestimate QTL effects as a means to refine initial estimates by making them more accurate and precise, although this is an obvious application that comes to mind when reestimation of effects are conducted.
The next step is to reestimate equation (2) including the residuals (RES).
Report subsidy reestimates in two distinct components: the interest rate reestimate and the technical/default reestimate.