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To successfully transform, agencies must fundamentally reexamine their business processes, outmoded organizational structures, management approaches, and, in some cases, missions.
Nonetheless, the Board agrees on the need to reexamine the regulation of exchange trading and to consider whether specific regulations are still necessary in light of the profound changes in the contracts traded and the intense competitive pressures that the exchanges are experiencing.
And in Illinois, Catholic Charities USA, the state's largest foster-care provider, said it would reexamine its child placement policies to ensure they weren't contradicting the Vatican's newly strengthened position against gay parenting.
This book will compel readers to reexamine their assumptions about the resiliency of nature.
I'm proud that in this issue of BIBR we provide a place for young authors to reexamine racial identity (p.
"For the past year, we've encouraged the DEP to reexamine its position based on our belief that the previous requirement for two parking spaces per residential unit was not only unnecessary, but also counter-productive insofar as it discouraged mass transit," said Joseph Barry, chairman of the Applied Companies and cocChairman of HRPOCA, a non-profit organization.
Judy Kronenfeld seeks to reexamine the assumptions about language which underpin both deconstruction and the various new historicisms, and to mediate between such concepts as infinitely regressive meaning, repressive hegemonic cultural codes, and unbounded polyvalency.
Untitled (Latourell Falls, Columbia Falls), 1999, is divided about a third of the way from its left by a spout of falling water in a way that insistently recalls a horizon line--a different method of getting you to subliminally reexamine the image as if it weren't right side up.
Similarly, Paul Wachtel's The Poverty of Affluence (New Society, 1988) led us to reexamine some of the prevailing attitudes of our consumer culture, especially the one of postponing the simple pleasures of the moment to "finish" our work and build financial security.
The coming changes to and expectations of society will require law enforcement leaders to reexamine many fundamental components of policing.
The director said the IRS needs to reexamine the accounts deemed uncollectible and criticized the IRS's classification methods, under which high-income individuals often are allowed to escape paying back taxes even though they continue to pay high living expenses.
With recent changes in benefits regulation, executives must reexamine some of their steadfast policies on financing executive retirement benefits.