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Fraser of the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville agrees that the reexamined fossil more closely resembles a snake than a lizard.
Tinsley reexamined a ten-year-old statistical analysis of the relationship between storm tracks in the North Atlantic and the solar cycle.
Patent Office has reexamined and initially found to be invalid.
Elliott, however, has found several sets of openings on the reexamined fossil.
In response to a patent challenge made by one of Nanometrics' competitors, the Patent and Trademark Office reexamined a Nanometrics patent relating to polar coordinate stage technology.
Watkins reexamined the medical charts of the eight womenin the spermicide-purchasing group who had had deformed children and found that four said their pregnancies were planned, suggesting they had stopped using spermicides before conceiving.
Jacobs' contract began April 1, 2000 and will be reexamined on a yearly basis, per Kodak.
Two of the reexamined patents are among the patents involved in that lawsuit.
The PTO reexamined the patent and ultimately confirmed the patentability of all ten claims and ruled that five new claims sought by Sentrol were patentable.
NASDAQ:NXTR) announced today that the recently reexamined patent claims of The Liposome Company (TLC) are not expected to have any material impact on NeXstar's manufacture and sale of AmBisome, NeXstar's liposomal formulation of amphotericin B, and will not result in any change in NeXstar's plans for the product, including its impending filing of an NDA with the U.