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Long-Term Fiscal Issues: Increasing Transparency and Reexamining the Base of the Federal Budget, GAO-05-317T, Feb.
The 1990 RPA Program takes a different tack, reexamining the current roles of the Forest Service programs in light of current resource data and major policy issues.
When the researchers took these factors into account in reexamining the link between manic depression of the two marker genes, they found that the likelihood of a single gene on chromosome 11 carrying the disorder in this family dropped u,000-fold, says study leader Steven M.
With this decision, the PTO is now in the process of reexamining two of the three patents in the lawsuit, and the PTO will soon decide whether it will reexamine the third.
Patent Office is currently reexamining those patents, and we fully expect the Patent Office to confirm the reach of our patents," Sanghi said.
With the assistance of its financial and legal advisors, the Board of Directors is reexamining the proposal in light of the information provided to date and is determining the appropriate course of action for the company to take.