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Today Reface Scotland is one of the country's most trusted brands delivering excellent service, top quality products and value for money, which is why customers come back, and come back again.
We would like to thank all our customers, both old and new, who have chosen Reface Scotland.
With over 100 years of experience between them, the Reface Scotland staff are experts in the re-fitting field.
Some 98 per cent of Reface Scotland's customers have a reface as they can't alter the design of the kitchen already installed and refuse to pay large amounts of cash for a new one.
Alan Bow, of Reface Scotland, said: "The public have become increasingly conscious regarding the environment generally and this has now spilled over to the furniture in the home.
The common-sense factor alone helps Reface customers make a complicated decision a very easy one.
The common sense factor alone helps Reface customers make a complicated decision a very easy one.
We can adapt our range to new styles extremely quickly, ensuring a Reface kitchen is always at the cutting edge of style - that's why we can offer a massive range of more than 400 styling options.
In fact, Reface director Alan Bow estimates it'll cost his customers a third of the usual cost of a new kitchen (about pounds 6000) because Reface specialise in "refacing", not replacing.
A firm who specialise in this kind of work are Reface Scotland, who are based in Rutherglen, near Glasgow.
At Reface Scotland, experts will transform tired looking kitchens by giving them an affordable makeover.
Established business that refaces kitchen cabinets and installs new cabinets and counter tops.