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Scholars of religion from the Universities of Tilburg, the Netherlands, and London describe a Catholic Church they see emerging and how it can attract youths and adults, rebuild local communities, refashion liturgy, and rethink pastoral guidance and mission.
A: light/motion/dreams'' and ``Conversations,'' in which six artists were allowed into the museum's storerooms to refashion historical artifacts into artworks.
Even though Linda's act is guided by the yearning to refashion and transform the given, Hartman concludes that, since marriage and freedom of choice are legal entitlements beyond the scope of the enslaved, Linda's small act of resistance leaves her with something akin to freedom that is not freedom.
In light of your stated views, you can certainly understand my amazement to read accounts of civil servants at the OMB being forced to refashion an already completed report into a more suitable document for campaign purposes," the union leader said.
Hence, vendors need to work closely with SCADA utility personnel and refashion their approach to justifying investments in the solution.
And, repelled by the very idea of cartoons, Leth is forced to refashion his beautiful little film as "a crap cartoon.
s Cornershop and Beastie Boys collaborator Mix Master Mike, to imaginatively refashion outtakes from the early dates to create a fine party record.
Unwilling to refashion her roots, Annie departs for the mainland to join the radical abolitionist movement.
The Pubs Group focuses on helping medium and large companies integrate their business processes with the Internet and creatively refashion the Internet to support those processes.
In the last five years of his life, King attempted to refashion the civil rights movement he helped inspire.
Wyatt and his European contemporaries refashion Petrarchan amatory metaphors (for example, the sea voyage, changing color, and the plague) to express an "anacultural" outlook that foregrounds contradictions.
of Massachusetts) constructs a picture of a president beset by failure domestically and internationally who learned to face up to his mistakes and refashion himself as "the undisputed leader of his country, at home and abroad.