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Not only did we aspire to refashion historical studies, we also wanted to craft a new synthesis of American experience and a popular, radical-democratic understanding of the nation's history.
The author demonstrates that all three novelists use African diaspora religious practices (Vodou, Candomble, and witchcraft) in order to create a space to refashion personal, cultural, and historical identities for women of the African diaspora, empower their female protagonists, and celebrate African diaspora womanhood.
Blues chief executive Ron Gourlay last night indicated the manager will be allowed to make two marquee signings to refashion his squad after their title triumph.
It will also be used to refashion the scar tissue of burns patients.
At their strongest, the poems centered on Greco-Roman myth refashion these stories, updating and often placing them in the context of gay male life at the end of the twentieth century.
military--and particularly the Army--as it seeks to refashion itself for the post-Cold War era.
And in The New Republic, Lind, a Texan, decried how rich Southern reactionaries had taken over the Republican Party in a coup and were now promising to refashion the nation in the image of the old South, with its culture of racism and political economy of low taxes and lower wages.
Lope compares the conquistadors and their Amerindian counterparts in order "to expose the defects of the Spanish leaders, relying on the war-like nature of the Other to refashion the political and military vitality of his nation" (8).
Stephen Hellinger, one of the founders of the nonprofit Development Group for Alternative Policies, the effort to refashion foreign aid is "caught in the contradictions of the Clinton Administration.
Scholars of religion from the Universities of Tilburg, the Netherlands, and London describe a Catholic Church they see emerging and how it can attract youths and adults, rebuild local communities, refashion liturgy, and rethink pastoral guidance and mission.