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I wore a refashioned sweater with doilies and lace that I added on and in (one) day I had eight women approach me to ask where I got it.
Because each bride's unique personality is best reflected in her wedding gown, Ashford says brides want to add their own styles to refashioned heirlooms--or, in some cases, vice versa.
And in his remarkable 1995 encyclical Ut Unum Sint John Paul offered an unprecedented invitation to other Christian leaders to enter into dialogue with him regarding how the papacy, within the limits of received doctrine, might be refashioned to become a ministry of unity for all Christian churches.
In 1989 I moved back to London, refashioned my portfolio, and wrangled an ad agency job reporting to a capriciously sadistic creative director.
The very next year a shining image of a towering Nichols graced NYCB's program cover, resplendent in the shimmering golds that defined the lacy wings and the almost-liquid train of the costume Karinska refashioned for Balanchine's Firebird.
Martin observes that Middleton's city comedies foreground the economic energies by which families are disrupted and refashioned in accordance with the values of commodity and exchange.
In Youngquist's refashioned story, the family Gruff--Little Billygoat, Williegoat, and Captain Bill E.
The company, originally an online pet sup ply retailer, refashioned itself as a traditional mail-order pet supply company after its August 1999 purchase of Humboldt Industries Inc.
Kaiser, for one, appears to be obeying the rules, although he has used the considerable political power his wealth brings to get some of those rules refashioned to his liking.
McNeill compares us to cyanobacteria, which refashioned the world's atmosphere two billion years ago by excreting oxygen and increasing its presence in the air from one part per trillion to the current one-fifth.
Enron has refashioned itself to be a one-stop energy shop for electricity, gas, and telecom bandwidth.