References in classic literature ?
I should be disposed to refer coquetry to another source," said Mr.
And there is nothing in the context to show that Hesiod's Amphidamas is to be identified with that Amphidamas whom Plutarch alone connects with the Lelantine War: the name may have been borne by an earlier Chalcidian, an ancestor, perhaps, of the person to whom Plutarch refers.
They give laws according to which images of past occurrences come into our minds, but do not discuss our belief that these images refer to past occurrences, which is what constitutes knowledge-memory.
I made,' he said, turning the leaves: 'I made a guiding memorandum or so--as I usually do, for I have no conversational powers whatever--to which I will, with your permission, my dear, refer.
We shall have to refer it right and left; and when we refer it anywhere, then you'll have to look it up.
Obviously, you'll have different questions for the practices that never refer to you vs.
Why does Lincoln refer to the Civil War as "unfinished work"?
A patient's refusal to return to the referring obstetrician is awkward for the reproductive endocrinologist, who must then find another physician to refer the patient.
Among such perspectives one may refer to those who link the environment with the capitalist mode of production, (Sunderlin, 2003) and those who approach the environment from the perspective of its impact on national security, and focus mainly on the area in which environmental concerns and security strategies interact (Winnefeld and Morris, 1994).
For example, according to Porcaro, Massachusetts CPAs who refer clients to multiple investment advisory firms must register with the state because these referrals are interpreted as investment advice.
Direct discrimination refers to discriminatory practices against individuals who are known or presumed to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual.
There is no reason to think that the legislative history is referring to any limitation period, because it never refers to the general limitation period in Sec.