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d) Country refers to the country indicated in the Data Sheet.
Using tools or some organs to refer to an action or performance.
More details about the mechanics and guidelines on Refer an Author Program can be viewed at http://www.
However, in those cases, it usually referred to effeminacy, the proof or sign of which would be penetration; it did not refer to the sexual act itself.
Providers will refer to health care organizations that:
Lincoln refers to the American Revolutionary War, a conflict that created a nation that the current war was threatening to tear apart.
One may refer to a major volume published in 2000 in Kuwait on the impact of environmental pollution on development in the Gulf region.
The second dimension of the conceptual model involves potential and encountered discriminations--the former refers to possible discrimination as a result of disclosing one's sexual orientation, and the latter refers to discriminatory practices encountered by the person.
There is no reason to think that the legislative history is referring to any limitation period, because it never refers to the general limitation period in Sec.
For specific information regarding IEEE standards refer to the IEEE web site at URL http://www.
The chance to earn extra cash motivated Eric Lee, a software engineer, to refer two friends to Tellabs, a telecommunications company in Lisle, Illinois.
that managed care organizations (MCOs) refer to nursing home care recipients as consumers, whose value lies in their ability and willingness to purchase MCO goods and services; they are also covered lives, because managed care operates in an insurance context;