refer back

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I like to refer back to some of the articles later on, but it takes a while to go through the many issues to find the article I want.
According to Walsh, one of the advantages of the CD-ROM course is the ability to refer back to the materials at any time.
But they also were able to take really good notes so that when they came back and we were having class discussion about what went on, they had good recall because they could refer back to those notes easily.
Readers, whether they are farmers, dealers or salespeople, can refer back to a print ad weeks after a publication arrives.
Both the 'none' and the 'it' refer back to 'honor,' so Banquo is saying 'So long as I don't lose my honor (my personal integrity) in trying to gain honor (rewards), and so long as I can act with a clear conscience, I'll listen to your advice.
I always enjoy reading your magazine but these articles were packed with information that I will refer back to over and over.
The date sets the designated endpoint of the common observation period, and all MDS items refer back in time from this point.
I have to refer back to one of my opening comments--unless you've got an automated tape system, there's no such thing as unattended backup if you have more data than you have tape capacity.
In the provision, "or other" appears to refer back to "limited partnership" and thus to include any passive activity other than a limited partnership.
I WOULD like to refer back to a statement made in the Racing Post on Saturday, April 10 in which a Mr S Fisher, a director of Stan James who also sits on the BAGS committee, claimed that bookmakers are losing money on BAGS racing.
For months or even years, the immune system's memory cells refer back to the antigens for information on how to combat these bacteria or viruses.
Each request is modeled and then placed in the PAM repository so future faculty members and researchers can refer back to best practices when submitting for project grants.