refer back

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If you get buy-in, then refer back to it to leverage and reinforce their buying motive.
We have family law rules, we have to refer back to civil, and we have the Rules of Judicial Administration.
The basics of economic development refer back to the mining of local capacity.
If you have never cooked rice before, first refer back to the May/June 2001 issue of Vegetarian Journal, available online at <www.
For more about Danticat, you might want to refer back to David Barsamian's fascinating interview with her in our October 2003 issue, which is available on our website, www.
Instead, objects bring an unexpected aggressiveness into the overall picture--again, though, as components that refer back to nothing concrete.
To refer back to the example of the fast against communalism, people who fasted that day did so not necessarily because they were Muslims, Christians, or Hindus, but perhaps because they were individuals committed to promoting religious pluralism.
If I feel barriers creeping back up, I can refer back to the book to reinforce the benefits.
I like to refer back to some of the articles later on, but it takes a while to go through the many issues to find the article I want.
According to Walsh, one of the advantages of the CD-ROM course is the ability to refer back to the materials at any time.
Readers, whether they are farmers, dealers or salespeople, can refer back to a print ad weeks after a publication arrives.
Both the 'none' and the 'it' refer back to 'honor,' so Banquo is saying 'So long as I don't lose my honor (my personal integrity) in trying to gain honor (rewards), and so long as I can act with a clear conscience, I'll listen to your advice.