refer to

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He says he would he were as wise as his serpent; this desire will be found explained in the discourse entitled "The Despisers of the Body", which I shall have occasion to refer to later.
If I had not consented to let that unfortunate man refer to me by name, the late Lord Montbarry would never have engaged him, and his wife would have been spared the misery and suspense from which she is suffering now.
guide' in virtues and technical arts), and to refer to the pitiful attempts in the "Etymologicum Magnum" (s.
and yet the pilgrims invariably make them refer to the cities instead.
In passing it is necessary to refer to the structure of Chinese verse, which, difficult as it is to grasp and differing in particulars from our European ideas of technique, has considerable interest for the student of verse form and construction.
I beg you will not refer to this again," said Dorothea, rather haughtily.
They give laws according to which images of past occurrences come into our minds, but do not discuss our belief that these images refer to past occurrences, which is what constitutes knowledge-memory.
I merely refer to my visits, which are few and far between.
I refer to the last three years which the Countess has spent in America.
Here the speaker sat down in his place, And directed the Judge to refer to his notes And briefly to sum up the case.
Or let him refer to an able, and perfectly truthful article, in THE FOREIGN QUARTERLY REVIEW, published in the present month of October; to which my attention has been attracted, since these sheets have been passing through the press.
Later, at sea, he used to refer to La Senora in a particular tone and I knew that henceforth his devotion was not for me alone.