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I seek reassurance from the Minister that if the Welsh Ministers were indeed to be the charging authority in respect of any CIL charged in Wales, they would be obliged to apply the proceeds of that levy to the local authority area in respect of which it is referable.
The new onset of symptoms or signs referable to the temporal bone region in patients with a known malignancy should raise the possibility of metastatic disease.
Rule out neurobehavioral deficits referable to a known or suspected neurobehavioral syndrome.
It provides for stays of federal proceedings when they involve questions referable to arbitration and for orders compelling arbitration when one party violates the arbitration agreement.
For this sort of money you expect a 'reference' type book to be referable, to be comprehensive and to be accessible.
In other words, a "default" in this context is referable to an executed agreement between the parties, not an oral agreement, even if it was intended to be firm and final.
On 17 February 1990, an adult male plains harvest mouse, referable to the subspecies R.
a dental PPO network in New York and New Jersey with over 4,000 referable locations.
But now you have a tool to find out how your clients perceive your relationship and how referable you are.
Your new company story, the quintessential heart of your practice, now makes you referable.
3 million inclusive of a deemed figure of pounds 500,000 referable to her overspending in the period of separation.