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Their collective interest in records retention has increased considerably in the past decade, and there are now available reference works on the topic that consider it from corporate counsel's point of view.
Then rather then simply providing definitions and posting passages from reference works with complete citations, she would have been more inclined to post less data and instead post more "about the library" type of information and recommend in-house library resources if she knew that many of the students were only a short walk away.
McFarland is a publishing house that specializes in reference works and books intended for the use of librarians, and that fact surely has influenced Thompson's approach.
Future extension of the data series beyond 1970 will require only addition to, rather than reconstruction of the reference work.
Chapters on the development of Hawaii's film industry, island-set television productions and personalities associated with the shows make this a complete reference work.
Steven Shackley (Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Berkeley Archaeological XRF Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley) is the summation of decades of investigation, integrating the body of obsidian research into a single reference work.
Johansen, the definitive two-volume reference work, Native Peoples Of North America: A History, is a very highly recommended college-level pick for any academic or community library seeking a strong overview of Native American history and culture, and joins the prestigious Praeger's 'Native America: Yesterday and Today' series.
To make sure you're getting good quality, consider the reputation of any reference work you see.
THE SOCIAL CONTEXT OF REFERENCE WORK in libraries has changed dramatically in the past two decades--some would argue more than ever before in its history of 126 years (Green 1876).
If I seem too dismissive--and I do admit that the very appearance of such a large undertaking is in itself little less than a triumph of determination--it is simply that the very same fact of that appearance will doubtless discourage further attempts at a truly acceptable reference work on dance for years to come.
Jeremy Black has written an excellent reference work that covers warfare from the Renaissance (at least from 1492) to 1792.
The Cambridge Guide to African and Caribbean Theatre is an extremely useful reference work.