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Rieter makes an important contribution to the training of textile technology students over the whole world and is now making the unique reference work in English Chinese and Turkish available as a free PDF download on www.
Another first of this reference work is the documentation of Adverse Effects and Interactions of more than 180 Indian plant drugs, cited from evidence-based, standard reference works.
Reference works play an important part in offering the work of scholars in a way that is accessible to students, other scholars, as well as the general public.
Their collective interest in records retention has increased considerably in the past decade, and there are now available reference works on the topic that consider it from corporate counsel's point of view.
Then rather then simply providing definitions and posting passages from reference works with complete citations, she would have been more inclined to post less data and instead post more "about the library" type of information and recommend in-house library resources if she knew that many of the students were only a short walk away.
Reference work in today's libraries has been influenced by a host of related social and economic factors, chief among them being the increasing use of technology.
By doing so, it gives readers not just a reference work but 'a transnational perspective, allowing a critical look at German literature and culture from the outside'.
This reference work illuminates as it enumerates dance's influence on popular culture media.
The encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work on computers, computing, and computer science.
His narrative employs the neutral tone of a standard reference work, yet he chooses biographical details that deftly and almost imperceptibly guide the reader's attention.
For social historians of medicine, his book will be an invaluable reference work.
This electronic publication is both the first step in that project and a new type of reference work in its own right.