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A reference checked by a friend is not legally supportable.
Chat reference service has been called real-time reference, live online reference, synchronous online reference, virtual reference, and chat reference.
Spare copies are donated to community organisations for reference purposes and the Guide is also disseminated free of charge to Library colleagues at other universities.
We've produced the definitive working reference for dockside transporters," said Theresa DeLucia.
To reduce output ripple and maintain harmonic currents within the class D requirements as specified by IEC1000-3-2, the reference design utilizes a dual loop ripple/power-factor optimization technique developed by Energy Recovery Systems Corp.
For example, if the former employee requests a letter or reference and waives access in writing to its content, the legal theory of consent may afford some protection from liability.
The information derived from this exploration could then be used to inform the delivery of reference services as well as the delivery of instructional sessions.
Wilson (2000) is no doubt correct in her assessment that those who will most frequently use digital reference services in the future are "individualistic or egalitarian," defined as "those who enjoy working on their own and those who desire greater equality in the way that users and reference librarians interact" (pp.
For example, people will queue for services at the town well and the reference desk at the community library, but apparently they are unwilling to queue and wait patiently for similar services when delivered into domiciles, offices, and classrooms.
The role of nonverbal communication in the reference encounter has received some attention within the library literature (e.
To achieve breakthrough performance, the new LCD-TV GreenPoint(TM) reference design utilizes several of ON Semiconductor's advanced power management devices and draws from the company's industry-leading discrete component portfolio.
1) Within the realm of the reference desk, no one has yet completely defined what it is that a professional reference librarian does in relation to the paraprofessional and vice-versa or what expertise might be developed during the course of a master's level program in information studies or with time and experience to make the work roles sufficiently distinctive to label one professional, the other paraprofessional.