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I attended the press conference today as a concrete action to show my support for the referendum," Lee said to hundreds of pro-Taiwan independence supporters at a kick-off event for the campaign.
Thus, center periphery relations in the case of Spain-Catalonia and Iraq-Iraqi Kurdistan showcase the growing prospects of defragmentation despite the "free expression of democracy" so championed through referendums.
The outcome will provide a significant economic challenge to our region: Not only from the loss of the EU Single Market, but also from the prospect of a Scottish independence referendum.
Mr Flynn is concerned that referendums involve "handing decisions to the propagandists, to the tabloid press and to millionaires".
Professor Appiah said that he had 'no dog in the fight' about Scottish independence but he did consider the nature of referendums and their reach.
The vast majority of UK referendums have involved sub-state territories, in particular over the issue of devolving powers to sub-state territories.
Meanwhile, MPs rejected five other bills proposing amendments to the Referendum Act.
Like in Quebec in 1980, the Scottish referendum campaign ignited an untapped passion for politics.
DI started making preparations for the referendum in early December, before the dates for the referendum were announced.
RIGA - President Andris Berzins has once again sent back to Saeima the amendments to the law on initiating a referendum, ones which make the procedure much more difficult than the current practice, reports LETA.
Vesel Memedi from NDP says that the referendum is generally nothing else but a mechanism for important issues.
Scott Gration, US special envoy for Sudan, speaks to the press as the international community hands over voter registration kits, registration training books and other materials to Sudanese referendum authorities on October 30, 2010, in Khartoum (AFP)