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Total athletic identity, self-referent athletic identity and social referent athletic identity were all significantly associated with associated with amount of exercise, life satisfaction, and positive and negative affect.
the essence of indefinite reference is that the identity of the referent is not germane to the message: that is, nothing hinges on the individual features of the referent, only the class of features indicated are presented as relevant.
There is, however, less agreement as to how such referent others are selected (Ambrose & Kulik, 1999; Oldham, Nottenburg, Kassner, Ferris, Fedor, & Masters, 1982; Oldham, Kulik, Stepina, & Ambrose, 1986).
My argument for the theory of LAW as referent puts the emphasis on a particular source which gives rise to societal norms and, eventually, laws.
According to the model in Figure I, a precipitating event is an antecedent factor influencing the referent choice.
They are objective referent criterion from education and past experience (cf.
Communication is not merely words in proper order properly inflected (as for the grammarian) or assertions in proper relation to each other (as for the logician) or assertions in proper relation to referents (as for the semanticist), but all these together with the reactions of the nervous systems of the human beings involved in the communication.
ch] above in (1h)), a temporal referent and a referent referring to the fact that "the given predicate holds true" (the eventuality referent [e.
These results are shown in figure 1, where is easy to see the difference of the mean of measured spectral reflectances and the referent spectral reflectance.
T2) 'Brutus is ambitious' is true iff the referent of 'Brutus' is ambitious.
Descriptive noun modifiers, which are discussed in Section 2, specify properties of the referent of the NP in terms of the categories KIND (or CLASS), QUALITY, QUANTITY and LOCATION.
One problem is that few of the studies have revealed evidence for referent specificity in 1-year-olds' word productions.