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Describe the types of norms, referent groups, and outcome variables used in research on norms.
The worry is that, if "better than" referred to this natural property, this too would (i) make all the instances of inferring in accordance to the meaning-constituting basic rule of competence for "better than" valid and (ii) it would enable that basic rule to provide a complete characterization of the referent.
The delimitation of the diverse referent contents should ensure that they are all clearly different; each with characteristics which differentiate them from the others.
Example (2a) shows the use of jen in Colloquial Upper Sorbian to indicate the indefinite specific referent, example (2b) to indicate the indefinite non-specific referent while (2c) is an example of the use of the indefinite article jen to indicate a generic referent (all examples taken from Breu 2011).
Total athletic identity, self-referent athletic identity and social referent athletic identity were all significantly associated with associated with amount of exercise, life satisfaction, and positive and negative affect.
For singular indexicals, the referent is determined according to a certain role it plays in the context of utterance.
the essence of indefinite reference is that the identity of the referent is not germane to the message: that is, nothing hinges on the individual features of the referent, only the class of features indicated are presented as relevant.
A referent is the corresponding truth that a sign or image is supposed to represent.
The Possible Effects of Referent Others in Decision Making
To summarize, the LAW, a number of referent ideals, turns out to be the basis for our lower order laws that we experience in every day life: all the way from the parking ticket to the judgments of the Supreme Court.
According to the model, precipitating events lead to the selection of an executive as a referent through availability of information regarding executive pay and relevance of the referent to the employee.
Compared with the referent group (< 6 months), three age groups emerged as significantly harmful (6-11 months: OR = 2.