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The process by which a tribunal sends a civil action, or a particular issue in the action, to an individual who has been appointed by the tribunal to hear and decide upon it, or to obtain evidence, and make a report to the court.



West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

REFERENCE, contracts. An agreement to submit to certain arbitrators, matters in dispute between two or more parties, for their decision, and judgment. The persons to whom such matters are referred are sometimes called referees.

REFERENCE, mercantile law. A direction or request by a party who asks a credit to the person from whom he expects it, to call on some other person named in order to ascertain the character or mercantile standing of the former.

REFERENCE, practice. The act of sending any matter by a court of chancery or one exercising equitable powers, to a master or other officer, in order that he may ascertain facts and report to the court. By reference is also understood that part of an instrument of writing where it points to another for the matters therein contained. For the effect of such reference, see 1 Pick. R. 27; 17 Mass. R. 443; 15 Pick. R. 66; 7 Halst. R. 25; 14 Wend. R. 619; 10 Conn. R. 422; 4 Greenl. R. 14, 471; 3 Greenl. R. 393; 6 Pick. R. 460; the thing referred to is also called a reference.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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By comparing every patient identity to its corresponding reference identity, Referential Matching avoids the chain reaction of errors that occur when patient records must all be matched to each other.
If you do not define the referential constraints into the database DDL, then application developers will have to code similar logic into all of their application programs.
Referential bias may be a direct effect of the preceding decades of verbal hegemony epitomized in structuralist and poststructuralist thinking.
This common ground is situated at the intersection of two research domains: referential hierarchies and three-participant constructions.
1) how to introduce and represent the referential activity's spheres in such a way that one can study these spheres by scientific methods;
Any more thorough exploration of the nature of the referentiality of singular terms such as names, demonstratives and descriptions in their referential uses, and its link with rigidity, should also help with the issues discussed in another footnote that I find puzzling, even though suggestive and worth developing.
discusses that while courts have guided authors of referential works
Referential resolution is the process of searching for events, people, or objects appearing in different parts of a text referring to the same entity (Paterson, Sanford, Moxey, and Dawydiak, 1998).
Recanati states that a term is (type)-referential if and only if its linguistic meaning includes a feature, "call it 'REF', by virtue of which it indicates that the truth-condition [...] of the utterance where it occurs is singular." (3) As Recanati puts it, REF forces the hearer to interpret the utterance as representing a singular state of affairs with the reference of the referential term as a constituent.
But other artists have blessed the world with something less referential, and created some truly strange, life-affirming music.