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Differance is the "contradiction" by which all meaning is assigned and by which simultaneously the stability of ultimate referentiality is undermined or endlessly dislocated within an eternal chain of "different" substitutions, as each signified becomes itself a sign.
The play takes its dependence on referentiality one step further by ending with an epilogue that explicitly points outside of the immediate dramatic context.
It tells the story of a journey without origin and grants a psychological freedom from referentiality.
Rather than seeing building and/or text as "causal" models for the music in the manner of Wright and Warren, I suggest instead that a more complex, bidirectional circulation of referentiality may have been at work, producing a complex cultural entity that we might call "word/image/ music.
This sort of a locale-fixated referentiality, rich in description and precise in psychological representation of ordinary characters rooted in a particular time and place, may be the major reason for a smaller audience abroad: readers who do not know the locale would of course tend not to relate to Munro's faraway and unknown environment.
Wright's strategy of positioning the image of castration near the end of the autopsy serves as a climactic moment in the reconstruction of Chris's torture, and seems to imply that a racist discourse is capable not only of violently robbing the black body of cultural referentiality but also of wielding a power that forcefully resignifies black masculinity at every level: physical, social, and psychological.
The argument against history's claims to truth works better, it being easier to see the importance of referentiality here.
Which is not to say they are unmoored; on the contrary, Gallagher maintains a density of referentiality, still more resonant over time.
If the punishingly Sisyphean labor of stymieing referentiality and representation-derived content is a given, Barre works even harder, giving the work's precise attempt at becoming itself and nothing else extraordinarily rapt attention.
who, notwithstanding his historical referentiality, functions here as a fictional lexeme) and the David of Giovanni's Room, the White American refuses to pay "the price of the ticket.
Traditional Christian theology made Jewishness a trope for the refusal of salvation, but in a mode curiously detached from contemporary referentiality.
And this more overt referentiality, unusual for Black, was taken up in narrative terms in some works of a new type, in which she used a layering technique to build little rectangular or sometimes triangular towers of what looks like pink and dark-brown sediment--actually blocks of polystyrene glued together and covered with a mixture of mud and glue: pieces that no longer emit the free-floating charm of the ephemeral but have a fixed form.