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First, which of the characteristics of referents (comparison level or gender) is more important for a subtler explanation for gender differences in PLS?
Sentences 1 and 2 are nearly identical except for a pair of special words or phrases; it is the choice of the special word or phrase--in this case lighter / handy --that changes the referent of the pronoun.
Related to this specificity concern is the use of multiple referents (e.g., friends and family) in a single measure, resulting in a double-barreled question.
Wedgwood then offers two principles of interpretation, validity and completeness, which take us from the basic rules to the referents (2001: 10-12; 2007: 86-87).
Adjust the assessment content and context in the stem of each item and in the instrument as a whole to their referents. The contents.
Bulgarian, a language considered to be a prominent member of the Balkan Sprachbund, (6) consistently makes the difference between indefinite specific and indefinite non-specific referents by marking indefinite specific referents with edin 'one' while indefinite non-specific referents are bare nominals.
A further component of the semantic profile of indexicals and demonstratives is given by a rule for picking out a referent relative to a context of use.
He argued that simulacra are images that do not accurately correspond to a referent. Rather, they either mask the absence of a reality, or they simply do not correspond to anything at all but are taken as truth (Baudrillard, 1994).
The horse-cart would have no meaning without the horse, as the laws would mean nothing without the LAW or the referents giving meaning to the lower order laws.
(2004:21) Hence, a student of general semantics will constantly search for referents and only when mutual referents are found, agreement is reached.
--U[i] [subset] U is an infinite set: interpreter i's internal universe (or the set of i's referents, or internal entities); U[i'] and U[i"] are disjoint sets if i' and i" are two different interpreters