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The checklists below illustrate how legal marketing professionals can help attorneys maximize their referral networks when giving, receiving or seeking new clients through referrals.
The health system found a solution in CareEnhance Review Manager, a browser-based, interactive software from McKesson that automates care-review processes, such as referrals.
Referrals are effective precisely because they aren't considered a form of marketing or sales.
You've earned the right to ask for referrals with your current clients, but have you asked each one?
Questionable claim referrals in the property category saw an increase of 15 percent from the previous year, with a notable percent change in hail damage referrals.
commissioned by LexisNexisEeA Martindale-HubbellEeA and conducted by independent strategic consultancy Fathom Consulting, examines a number of issues that affect the referral market, including: the proportion of annual turnover derived from referrals; referrals between regions; main types of work referred; key attributes for firms that service referrals; expected change in volume of referrals over the next 12 months; and strategic approaches to protect/increase the levels of referrals received.
The Welsh clinical communications gateway (WCCG) replaces hand-written and hand-delivered patient referrals with electronic referrals sent securely from GP practices to the recipient hospital.
Of the 634 obstetric referrals from the four SLH, 279(44%) patients were referred to the AKUH while 355(56%) sought care in other hospitals.
We've heard over and over again that asking for referrals is the most direct way of letting clients know that you want them.
Our action today will also prevent conflicts of interest, such as where a lawyer feels compelled or pressured to refer a client to another business operated or controlled by the owner of the referral service so that the lawyer may continue to receive referrals from that service.