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For Contractors jointly applying for the contract referre
371, 6, redhostire est gratiam referre, nam hostire (man.
5: Nec praesumat quisquam referre alio quaecumque foris monasterium viderit aut audierit, quia plurima destructio est.
Maecenas, Horace states, required only that those men who were to be admitted to his friendship be of free birth (cum referre negas quali sit quisque parente / natus, dum ingenuus, 1-8) and of right character.
To whose judgment wee likewise referre or selves, uppon penalty of the sumsett above mentioned >> (Tilghman, supra note 115 a la p 94).
5P over 4P CASACCA, LEVELLE, REFERRE 5P over 7P TLALTEPTL (Mexico) 6P over 4P TERRETTE (France) 7P over 4P LEUQUELLE (Spain) 10P over 3P MAGALLAGAMA (Sri Lanka) 3-letter overlap 4P olver 5P TEETEE (diving Petrel), ZOOZOO(wood- 5P olver 5P OIDIOID (web2), TELETEL \pigeon) 6P over 5P GUNNU-GUN (Japan) 7P over 5P ROOCOOROO (of a pigeon--to coo) 4P over 6P SAASSAA (Syria) 5P over 6P METEMMET (Eritrea) 6P over 6P ALEELAALE (Somalia) 4-letter overlap 5P over 7P COROCORO (a type of boat) + other 8-letter tautonyms with letter pattern 12321232.
Gratesne referre / forte velit, qui triste nefas aequique bonique / edidicit pensare loco?
Wright, the southpaw, complained several times about fouls over the course of the fight, once taking a shot from Hopkins as he was pleading his case with referre Robert Byrd.
I would referre you to Davids warre, when a people is growne to such a height of blond, and sinne against God and man, and all confederates in the action, there he hath no respect to persons, but harrowes them, and sawes them, and puts them to the sword, and the most terrible death that may bee: sometimes the Scripture declareth women and children must perish with their parents; some-time the case alters: but we will not dispute it now.
A little later, he is ashamed to report an elegance of Trimalchio, the washing of his guests' feet: "I am ashamed to relate what followed" (pudet referre quae secuntur 70,8).
Denis: Quanam potero ratione referre / Tristia fata Ducis populi